All of our items are made with the finest ingredients of the highest quality. These products will have you reminiscing about simpler country store days. Prepare yourself for "A Taste of the Past."

The aromas that drift toward you as you walk by the door in Gold Beach, Oregon, will tease your mind and lead you in the direction of the tantalizing scents.

Once through the door of Rogue River Appleworks, memories of Grandma’s house will come to mind as you see the old wood-burning stove, cast iron skillets, cornbread molds, candy dishes, and old-fashioned coffee pots.

All the scents wafting in the air will remind you of homemade bread, pastries, cookies, and jams.

Bring a book, have a cup of coffee, and relax in the homey setting of this cozy shop.

The daily homemade lunch specials knit locals and vacationers together for homespun laughter and conversation.

Visit Rogue River Appleworks when you come to Gold Beach, Oregon, and experience "A Taste of the Past."