All of our items are made with the finest ingredients of the highest quality. These products will have you reminiscing about simpler country store days. Prepare yourself for "A Taste of the Past."

Mary Bonstein has a passion for old-fashioned things and a gift for bringing the past to life. Rogue River Appleworks is filled with her authentic, made-on-the-premises products, from Homemade Apple Butter, Wild Blackberry Jam, Rare Tayberry Jam, to Apple Pie Filling and Cranberry Honey.

Mary started cooking standing right beside her Grandma Lucille over 40 years ago, and fondly remembers going grocery shopping, choosing the best for Grandma Lucille’s delicious meals. Mary’s favorite memory made her smile: climbing the lemon tree to pick lemons for her Grandma’s lemon meringue pie. Mary would squeeze the lemons, cut the fruit, prepare the vegetables… all under Grandma Lucille’s watchful eye. How to make homemade breads, pastries, jams, pies, jellies… learned from one of the best sources possible: a loving grandmother.

When Mary moved to Gold Beach, she was looking for a place to buy cooking spices, and was directed to Rogue River Appleworks. She was soon working in the shop, and when the opportunity to buy it came, she took it, and deepened her learning of the very specific processes involved in making Appleworks products. Mary has owned Rogue River Appleworks for four years now, and in addition to her own Apple Butter, Jams, Baking Mixes, Spices, and Pie Fillings, features some of the local craftsmen and women’s equally fine products.

Mary does not deviate from her commitment to bring the absolute best to her customers. She chooses her fruit and ingredients with great care. She makes her jams with loving watchfulness and attention to detail that only a seasoned confiturier can smell, see, and sense through stirring. Customers can feel the love and warmth of 40 years of experience and Grandma’s loving tutelage as they taste her products and feel an unmistakable link with the authentic taste of the past.